The guitarist and composer Roberto Pianca (1984) studied music at the Amsterdam Conservatory (NL). He has played and worked with a variety of notable artists including Joey Baron, Russ Lossing, John O’Gallagher, Mark Ferber,  Johannes Weidenmüller, Thomas Morgan, Rafael Schilt, Christoph Irniger, Ben Syversen, Flin Van Hemmen, Jake Saslow, Colin Stranahan, Greg Ruggiero, Sienna Dahlen, Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen and Savina Yannatou a.o.

Beside performing internationally with his own group and other different projects, he’s co-leading Third Reel, a mutual collaboration with saxophonist Nicolas Masson and drummer/pianist Emanuele Maniscalco (the band joined prestigious and legendary german label ECM’s catalogue in 2013), and KPSH, a contemporary Jazz group consisting of saxophonist Dan Kinzelman, bassist Stefano Senni and drummer Alex Huber.

Roberto Pianca is about to release with own project in the beginning of 2017 – “Sub Rosa”.

Roberto Pianca Quintet “Sub Rosa”

Dan Kinzelman tenor saxophone, clarinet
Roberto Pianca guitar
Glenn Zaleski piano, fender rhodes
Stefano Senni double bass
Luis Candeias drums
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